2011, A complete chafing dish from the excavation Peizermaden, mound 5

In september 2009 ADC ArcheoProjects has excavated mound nr. 5 in in the „Onlanden‟ (Peizermaden, Drenthe). Interesting is the find of several fragments of a chafing dish, that appeared to be archaeologically complete. For the first time it became clear what a 12th/13th century chafing dish looked like and how it was used. A first report by Sarah Zandboer en Nina Jaspers (2011).

Zandboer, S. & N. Jaspers, 2011, "Een compleet komfoor uit de opgraving van terp 5 te Peize.", in: Van Wierden en terpen. Mededelingen van de Vereniging van terpenonderzoek (16), 8-10.

In 2012 the final archaeological report was published, which can be ordered at SPA Publishers (soft cover, 150 pp., richly illustrated, E 19,95):

Zandboer, S. (ed.), 2012: Komfoor op terp 5, (ADC Rapport 3133), Amersfoort.

With contributions by:
R. Exaltus, M. Jacobs, N.L. Jaspers, K. van Kappel, M.J.A. Melkert, C. Nooijen, F. Verbruggen, S. Zandboer, F.S. Zuidhoff.

A complete analysis of the chafing dish and the rest of the 13th and early 14th century handmade local pottery is included in this report, accompanied by a Deventer System catalogue and various illustations. Also the results of the food remnant analysis are incorparated.