2007, Coloured and Blue from the Street

This article appeared in a publication directed at a wider audience by the archaeological department of the City Counsil of Hoorn, a small town with a rich maritime history (C. Schrickx & T van der Walle-van der Woude, 2007, Hoogtepunten uit Hoornse bodem). The article presents some special ceramic imports from Liguria in the north of Italy, which have been transported by the Street of Gibraltar to the Dutch Republic in the late 16th and/or early 17th century. It concerns plates in the so-called berrettino-style, or Ligurian blue, among which a very rare example with a polychrome decoration.

Jaspers, N.L., 2007a: "Bont en blauw van de Straet", in: Schrickx, C. & T. van de Walle - van der Woude, 2007, Hoogtepunten uit de Hoornse bodem, 103-108.