2013, Cream from the Milkmaid

On the 22nd of november 2013 the beautiful expo "White Delft. Not just blue" was inaugurated in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag combined with the book presentation (written in both Dutch ánd English and richly illustrated). An interdisciplary (historical/art-historical/ archaeological/archaeometrical) research on white faience from Delft, but also from other production centres in the Netherlands and exportware from France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Edited by Titus Eliëns with contributions
from and cross references to: Suzanne Lambooy, Nina Linde Jaspers, Sebastiaan Ostkamp, Luc Megens, Guus Verhaar, Marion van Aken-Fehmers and Frederike Burghout.

My contribution "Cream from the Milkmaid" is on plain white faience from foreign origin (i.e. Italy, France, Spain and Portugal) excavated in the Netherlands (1500-1680). Another big work finished. It's looking very pretty thanks to the graphic design of Gert-Jan Slagter ánd makes part of my dissertation.

Full title:

Jaspers, N.L., 2013: "Cream from the Milkmaid. Plain white faience of foreign origin excavated in the Netherlands (1500-1680)", in: T. Eliëns (ed.), White Delft. Not just blue. History of a national product. Volume V. The Hague, 45-76.

The book "White Delft. Not just Blue" is now ready for order at SPA publishers.