2007, French or Italian, that is the question

French maiolica in compendiario style found in Dutch soil (ca. 1600-1660)

This article was published in 2007 in a Dutch magazine for the study of ceramics and glass, named Vormen uit Vuur (nr. 199). This article deals with gadrooned dishes, bowls and vases both in compendiario style and in the white varieties. In most archaeological publications both the compendiario ware and the white faience are identified as Italian, while pottery dumps in Nevers and Rouen show that at least part of the compendiario ware is French; this also goes for the white faience.

The article is written in Dutch (includes an English summary).

Jaspers, N.L., 2007b: Met de Franse slag. "Franse compendiariofaïence uit Nederlandse bodem (ca. 1600-1660)", Vormen uit Vuur 199, 2-16.